“LAST NIGHT IN SOHO” (2021), Films Inspiring Nostalgia, Stylized Horror & Clever Camera Work

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“Last Night in Soho” (2021), directed by Edgar Wright, is about a young girl who heads off to fashion school in London (Thomasin Mckenzie) when she begins connecting with the past through an affection for the 1960s and dreams about a mysterious young dancer, Sandie (Anya Taylor Joye). Her whimsical transportation to this beloved decade starts out inspiring, but quickly takes a sinister turn, and suddenly, she is wrapped into a horror show that she can’t escape.

The stylistic horror flick reflects on the dangers of living in the past, the destructive underworld of big city life, and the coming-of-age experience of leaving home and coming into your own. The film is said to have been inspired by “Don’t Look Now” (1973) starring Donald Sutherland and “Repulsion” (1965) with Catherine Deneuve – so if you are looking for movies of a similar nature, I would visit these.

It’s a female revenge story, a whimsical fairytale, a shocking thriller, and mostly – it’s just a lot of fun. In some ways, it feels more campy than scary – but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Here is the episode:


Just like Eloise, I have a long list of movies with characters that stood out to me as having inspired my fashion (and personality) over the years. Here are some nods:

sarah thee tonin 💫 on Twitter: "girls don't want boyfriends. they want  Hallie's pink velvet dress from My Date With The President's Daughter  https://t.co/KDmKHGW1Gj" / Twitter
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Whip It (2009)
“Whip It”
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“Whip It”
Cathy Yan Explains Bird of Prey's One-shot Club Scene
Harley Quinn’s Night-Out Attire in “Birds of Prey”

Shoutout to 1960’s Movie Fashion:

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Costume Designer Interview - Alicia Vikander Style,  Mod Fashion | Vogue
“The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”
Julianne Moore on 'A Single Man' - silive.com
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Some Of The Cast of “LAST NIGHT IN SOHO” During The 1960s…

Margaret Nolan, 'Goldfinger' Actress, Dies at 76 - The New York Times
Margaret Nolan (with Sean Connery) in James Bond’s “Goldfinger” (1964)
Diana-Rigg-Carousel | James Bond 007
Diana Rigg in James Bond’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969)
Terry O'Neill | Jean Shrimpton and Terence Stamp, London (1963) | Available  for Sale | Artsy
Terrence Stamp (right) and Jean Shrimpton (left) photographed by Terry O’Neill in 1963
Rita Tushingham on life after A Taste of Honey: 'It was a shock when the  60s ended' | Television | The Guardian
Rita Tushingham, 1960’s

Further Reading/Sources:







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