“LICORICE PIZZA” (2021): Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1970s California

LICORICE PIZZA” (2021) “BOOGIE NIGHTS” (1997) & “INHERENT VICE” (2014): Paul Thomas Anderson movies set in 1970’s California (he was born in 1970 and was raised in the Valley, so much of the content is pulled from his experience or adjacent to his personal upbringing).

“THE NICE GUYS” (2016) is the other movie (NOT in the PTA cinematic universe) we talk about on this episode – and that’s juts because it follows many similar themes and was made by the same production company – Warner Pro’s as “INHERENT VICE” and was marketed the same way, utilizing the 1970’s version of the studio’s logo in the intro.

Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Licorice Pizza': First Trailer Released
Why Exactly Is 'Licorice Pizza' Called 'Licorice Pizza'? The Movie's Title  Explained
Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim as Gary Valentine and Alana Kane in “LICORICE PIZZA”
Licorice Pizza Is a Meandering Nostalgia Trip | The New Republic
Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim as Gary Valentine and Alana Kane in “LICORICE PIZZA”
Licorice Pizza' Trailer: Paul Thomas Anderson Looks Back
Bradley Cooper as Jon Peters in “LICORICE PIZZA”
A Star Is Born: Warner Brothers Cites Contract in Jon Peters Sexual  Harassment Controversy | Vanity Fair
Barbara Streisand and the real Jon Peters – who inspired Bradley Cooper’s character in the film
Licorice Pizza' Delivers: Paul Thomas Anderson Pic Sees Big Box Office  Average – Deadline
Sean Penn as Jack Holden in “LICORICE PIZZA”
Breezy (1973) - IMDb
William Holden – the actor who inspired Sean Penn’s Jack Holden – in a 1973 movie called “BREEZY” which is reference in “LICORICE PIZZA”
Watch Haim's New “Summer Girl” Video | Vogue
Director Paul Thomas Anderson also directed the music video for “Summer Girl” for the band HAIM – with Alana, Este and Danielle – who play sisters with the last name Kane in the film
Cooper Hoffman, Son Of Philip, Boards New Paul Thomas Anderson Film - Zimbio
Cooper Hoffman’s dad, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, in “BOOGIE NIGHTS” (1997) also directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
In the Land of 'Licorice Pizza': Paul Thomas Anderson's New Film is Filled  with Landmarks From a Lost L.A. | GQ
Pinball Palace as seen in the film “LICORICE PIZZA”
Licorice Pizza Early Buzz Hypes A 'Perfect' Paul Thomas Anderson Movie
Cooper Hoffman in “LICORICE PIZZA”

“LICORICE PIZZA” (2021) directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, stars Alana Haim of the band HAIM and Cooper Hoffman in his on-screen debut, takes place in the 1970s in the Valley, and is probably his lightest film to date.

Aside from the clear connection between PTA and Cooper Hoffman’s late father Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alana and PTA go way back as well. In the episode, we talk about their origin story which has to do with… Alana’s mom!

I talk about the movie cameos and references, its controversies and its funniest character moments. Listen to full episode here:


Further Reading/Listening + Source Material:





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