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On it’s Twenty Year Anniversary, Reflecting on Why Legally Blonde is Still Universally Loved


A Gentlemen’s Guide to Rom-Coms

with Kelly McCrillis/Ryan Graves (The Rom Com Gents)

It's Complicated Is a Garbage Movie – Supposedly Fun

On an episode of the Rom Com Gents podcast, they have a really fun discourse about the Nancy Myers film “It’s Complicated” (2009), which prompted me to comment on their Instagram post and they asked me to DM them all my thoughts. So I did! They later aired my thoughts on the “Letters” portion of the “Muriel’s Wedding” episode – which I recommend listening to – but if you want to hear my portion, head to the 1:25:00 min mark. 🥰


Critically Important Podcast

Jaws 40th Anniversary Steven Spielberg All Time Classic - Blastr


In this BIG BOY episode of the podcast, Jason and Espo are joined by Elise Hernke of Inglorious Baguettes for a summer blockbuster tournament like no other. Each have drafted four blockbuster films, and will go head-to-head (along with an auto-drafted team) for YOUR votes to determine who has the best team. Want to pick your favorite? Head over to our Twitter (@CIMoviePodcast) or Facebook page to choose your victor!

In this month’s episode, the gang are again joined by Elise Hernke of Inglorious Baguettes to discuss the latest news and events taking place in the movie industry, as well as create a new Group Consensus list of the top 5 greatest Halloween movies of all-time (and one that they can hopefully be proud of, for once).

For today’s episode, the gang is joined by Elise Hernke of the blog Inglorious Baguettes (! We discuss who we feel would be our ideal cast for a Hollywood adaptation of the Tiger King docuseries, guess how much different movies cost to make, and talk about some of the different celebrity sightings and meetings that we’ve had over the years (good and…well, awkward).

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Film lover & blogger Adam Shafi included “Dead Presidents” (1995) & gave a pingback to IB. Check out his reviews!! Tons of incredible picks.


Opinion: The Inspiring Life of Iris Apfel

Joanna Mastroianni - Front Row & Backstage - Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Even if you’re not particularly a fashion person, there are so many fun fashion documentaries to watch: Bill Cunningham New York, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel, The First Monday in May, and IRIS are some of my favorites. After watching “IRIS” (2015), I was completely moved by her energy and enthusiasm for life, her creativity, her comfortability with herself, her New York-ness and her adventurous life. So I wrote about it!


Rockaway Rose is a website dedicated to elevating small or local businesses and entrepreneurs in the New York, especially Rockaway Beach, Queens area.

As a resident of Brooklyn (after leaving the East Village after four years) & a summer honorary Rockaway local, I so appreciate the shoutout & want to give you guys access to all the other great businesses around!

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