Sorry To Bother You (2018)


Food: Since I’ve been hibernating mostly since I’ve returned to New York, I haven’t had much variety in terms of food. But I did attempt to do something that I saw Influencers doing and figured I’ll just write about that. The series was called “Pasta Dish + Face Mask”   and all I have to say is that I have SO many questions.

  1. Which face mask was @pyperamerica using because that was clearly the most aesthetically pleasing mask texture to use in a selfie
  2. Does it look better to go with the hair bun or the towel turban for the image?
  3. How on earth does ANYONE EAT SPAGHETTI WITH A FACE MASK ON?! Your face is completely stiff making it impossible to open your mouth enough to get the pasta in and also the sauce then starts dripping all over your chin, but you can’t wipe it off without wiping off the mask.

I say face mask THEN pasta or pasta THEN face mask, but NOT BOTH.

Film: “Sorry To Bother You” (2018) is The Coup and Street Sweeper Social Club‘s lead singer Boots Riley’s directorial debut about a black telemarketer who discovers success when he develops a “white voice.”  It is an anti-capitalism satire which comments on race and speech, which seems to take place in a bizarre futuristic version of the universe.

“They view me as another one of their creatures to control and manipulate and that’s not me,” lead character, Cassius Greene (played by Lakeith Stanfield, who was seen in “Get Out” “Atlanta” and more recently “Uncut Gems”), exclaims to his girlfriend, Detroit (Tessa Thompson).

Cassius lives in a garage owned by his uncle, who is unable to pay rent. Desperate to make any money at all, he gets a job at a call center with a couple of his friends, and begins cold-calling to no avail. That is, until the man sitting next to him, Danny Glover, hilariously teaches him to use his “white voice,” projecting a nasally and enthusiastic intonation which gets listeners to stay on the line longer. The illusion of white identity giving black workers opportunity is a hugely important commentary that propels this movie initially.

Worry Free is the overarching company that umbrellas his sector, and it is shown several times on the news for promoting a toxic work environment and unfairly underpaying its employees. Cassius has friends who also work with him at the telemarketing office, and the entire office, fed up with their position, stage a strike. However, right after the public opposition to the treatment of employees at the company, Cassius gets a promotion – and is moved “upstairs.” He needs the money, and takes the position, but is instantly seen as a traitor to his friends (Steven Yeun & Jermaine Fowler) and his girlfriend.

The luxurious upstairs office is the land of the “power callers.” He is introduced to the company’s zealous CEO Steve Lift (Armie Hammer) and now, Cassius, is facing an identity crisis, caught between the promise of a new life of opulence and remaining loyal to his friends and beliefs.

Midway through “Sorry To Bother You,” things begin to take a turn. Everything was a bit warped and jumbled and chaotic. Cassius finds himself in a gruesome alternate universe as the chilling truth behind Worry Free starts to reveal itself.

This movie felt like getting really high and then going down a really strange rabbit hole of conspiracy theory YouTube videos until you realize it’s the morning and you’re late for work. And not necessarily in a good way. For a large portion of the film, I was not invested in the story, confused by the intricacies that existed within this new universe, and off-put by the disorder. Nonetheless, when it reaches the finish line, it succeeded in giving us an entertaining and uproarious film that will get a laugh.

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