Contempt (1963)


Food: What is better on a Sunday morning than leftovers from Saturdays brunch (eggs, turkey bacon, Belgian waffle) and fresh cappuccino courtesy of Saltwater Cafe in the East Village. I enjoyed this with my friend visiting town from D.C. as we snuggled up under a pound of blankets.

Film: The best way I could describe this film is that it is designed to leave the audience with a feeling more than a fleshed out story. Both of Godard’s films that I have seen so far have a residing theme of living within the male gaze. Bridgette Bardot plays main character, Jeremy (played by Jack Palance), beautiful wife, who moves moodily back and forth between deeply affectionate moments with her husband to hatefully distant. Like Angela sings in A Woman is a Woman, “I know I’m bad… I know I’m cruel… But men don’t get mad… Because I’m so – beauti-ful.” This seems to be the view that Godard has towards women in his films – leaving Bardot with an enigma of a character. However, it is meant to be this way – and not necessarily a complaint – because he wants us to feel the weight of the frustration, confusion, confinement and anger that the film industry and his marriage is causing him. I love the parallels between the storyline and The Odyssey (the film they are working on during the film). Stunningly filmed, with strategically placed emotive score, it is a visual masterpiece and I have the feeling gets better with every viewing.

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