Big Trouble in Little China (1986)


Food: Is it too on the nose that I enjoyed some leftover Chinese food while watching this on a Saturday morning in my apartment? Sorry, not sorry. It was delicious.

Film: Where to start? This film is so grandiose in every sense, it is shocking that it did not originally come from the pages of a classic comic book. It is what happens when you put ancient magic, crime lords, a green-eyed Asian beauty, several monumental sword fighting scenes and… a grunting trucker into the streets of Chinatown San Francisco and let things run wild! It is so fun – with it’s instantly quotable dialogue and elevated drama. As it gets more and more bizarre, and relies on 1980’s special effects, the action sequences hold up and continue to charm and excite. Riding the line somewhere between an homage to Chinese action films and a parody of American action-hero blockbusters, director, John Carpenter seems to exert enough self-awareness that the audience cannot help but take it seriously.  Starring Kurt Russell, as Jack Burton, the films goofy hero, and, Dennis Dun, his love-struck companion, Big Trouble in Little China is full of unrestrained imagination that allows the audience to look past any unexplained illogical conclusions, and simply enjoy the ride.


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