Behind Inglorious Baguettes

“I go out with friends, we go to the movies, we go to restaurants.” – Catherine Deneuve

I love movies. Watching them, dissecting them, analyzing them, and sharing my thoughts with fellow cinephiles, which is what prompted me to start this site. I also love food, but I also just love to make everything into a theme. Therefore, I will provide reviews occasionally that relate to the film/series or at the very lease talk about the food moments in the films.

She/her in my twenties living in New York City. I live with my dog Vinny (named after “My Cousin Vinny” – and I wasn’t even the one to name her!!) in a happy little spot in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona.

I work full-time in digital advertising and have a side gig as a trivia host around NYC and Brooklyn, where I get to make use of all my film knowledge. I am also getting more into film fashion (thank you “The Nanny”) & sometimes will try to dress up to the various trivia themes (which I am also trying to tie into the IB themes).

Most of my reviews are centered around monthly(ish) series where I like to provide fun facts, trivia questions and extra information that helps give context to the topic.

Paired with this website is an Instagram account, where I like to engage with fellow movie fanatics, so please reach out!

Direct Message my Instagram account if you ever want to chat – that’s the best way to reach me! 🥰

Image at top taken by Lexi Whitaker; Graphic created by Leslie James 

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