Behind Inglorious Baguettes

“I go out with friends, we go to the movies, we go to restaurants.” – Catherine Deneuve

I love movies. Watching them, dissecting them, analyzing them, and sharing my thoughts with fellow cinephiles, which is what prompted me to start this site. I also love food, but I also just love to make everything into a theme. Therefore, I will provide reviews occasionally that relate to the film/series or at the very lease talk about the food moments in the films.

She/her in my twenties living in New York City with my dog Vinny. Originally from Arizona.

I work full-time in digital advertising and side gig as a trivia host around the city and Brooklyn, where I get to make use of all my film knowledge.

Most of my reviews are centered around monthly(ish) series where I like to provide fun facts, trivia questions and extra information that helps give context to the topic.

In September, I launched a podcast Cinematic Breadcrumbs where I put most of my efforts these days, but still publish episode notes on this website, which includes source material and visual references.

Paired with this website is an Instagram account, where I like to engage with fellow movie fanatics, so please reach out!

Direct Message my Instagram account if you ever want to chat – that’s the best way to reach me! 🥰

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