Sizzling Summer Pt. 3: *Remake Double Feature* “The Swimming Pool” (1969) & “A Bigger Splash” (2016)

“La Piscine” / “The Swimming Pool” (1969)
“A Bigger Splash” (2016)
Romy Shneider & Alain Delon as Marianne and Jean-Paul in “The Swimming Pool” (1969)
Matthias Schoenaerts & Tilda Swinton as Paul and Marianne in “A Bigger Splash” (2016)
Jane Birkin as Penelope in “The Swimming Pool” (1969)
Dakota Johnson as Penelope in “A Bigger Splash” (2016)
Maurice Ronet as Harry in “The Swimming Pool” (1969)
Ralph Fiennes as Harry in “A Bigger Splash” (2016)
Listening to Records “The Swimming Pool”
Listening to records – iconic scene in “A Bigger Splash” (2016)


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