“My Dead Dad” (2021): In Conversation With Pedro Correa & Aaron Grimes

Pedro Correa – Writer, Producer, Actor on “My Dead Dad” (Our Special Guest of this episode of Cinematic Breadcrumbs)
BTS “My Dead Dad”
Pedro Correa & Raymond Cruz
Fabio Frey & Pedro Correa
Pedro Correa
Steven Bauer BTS “My Dead Dad”
Fabio Frey, Shu Lan Tuan & Pedro Correa BTS
Chris Pontius BTS “My Dead Dad”
Simon Rex, Pedro Correa & Fabio Frey
BTS “My Dead Dad”
BTS Courtney Dietz as Sophie
BTS: Fabio Frey & Courtney Dietz

Behind The Scenes photographs provided by Never Norm Films

“My Dead Dad” (2021), directed by Fabio Frey, co-written by Frey and the lead actor Pedro Correa, is a semi-autobiographical tale about a young burnout who goes on a journey of self discovery when he finds out that his estranged dad has not only passed away, but left him an inheritance, which includes an apartment complex in Los Angeles full of eclectic tenants and old friends. Lucas, played by Correa, ventures to the apartment building in hopes to be rid of it as quickly and painlessly as possible, but is surprised to realize that his father might be a different man than he had imagined.

It’s a heartfelt fish-out-of-water tale and a true coming-of-age story, where Los Angeles is a character of its own: a sweltering city full of diverse personalities which Lucas must figure out how to navigate as a young white boy from Reno. The film is layered with themes of identity, race, guilt, grief and even love, but it is done with a light touch. It never feels too heavy or forlorn, kept upbeat through comedic moments brought on by the notable surrounding cast members including Steven Bauer (“Scarface”), Booboo Stewart (“The Twilight Saga”), Chris Pontius (“Jackass”), and Simon Rex, breakout star of the recent Sean Baker hit “Red Rocket.”

In this special episode of Cinematic Breadcrumbs podcast, we get the pleasure of talking to Pedro Correa himself, as well as cinematographer and friend of the pod, Aaron Grimes, who also worked on the film.

My Dead Dad Teaser Trailer
Pedro Correa Skateboarding “My Dead Dad” BTS Footage
Collab by Fabio Frey & Pedro Correa

Other Episode notes:


Margot Robbie fangirling True Romance –

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