Wild Rose (2018)


Food: According to random blogs, I have accumulated some apparently classic  “Glaswegian” dishes. Meaning, popular dishes of Glasgow, Scotland – where this film takes place. Now, I am not much of a chef, so I am simplifying a lot of these.

First, Chicken tikka masala has become one of Britain’s national dishes since it was first invented in the Shish Mahal restaurant in Glasgow. One way to make this is by cooking white rice. Then, cook chicken breasts & thighs. While cooking, season with tomato paste, garlic, ginger, garam masala, chili powder and turmeric. Next, stir in tomato sauce and chicken stock. Finally, stir in heavy cream until heated through. Serve immediately with rice.

Second, Mac & Cheese Pie. Have you heard of Shepards/Chicken Pot Pie? Well, it’s like that, but filled with Mac & Cheese! If you are not up for making a full-on pie to wrap your mac n’ cheese in, you could opt for just some classic garlic mashed potatoes. Comfort food at it’s finest.

Third, and final offer: “The Glasgow Salad” (also known as a ‘munchie box’). Now, this feels like the easiest one to pull off while stuck in quarantine. It is a basically a combined feast of all your unhealthiest delicacies (AKA leftovers). The typical contents of this “salad” are: kebab meat, fried chicken, pizza, chicken tikka masala, onion rings, naan bread, garlic bread, cole slaw and other fast foods & sauces. Going through my pantry, I feel like my munchie box would include – Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita crunch, DiGiorno pizza, McDonald’s sausage egg & cheese McMuffin, Fried Chicken and a cheeseburger. Just call me a *Chef*!

Film: “Wild Rose” (2018) is a touching, but somewhat forgettable small town film about a young free-spirited woman who wants nothing more than to be a country music star in the hub of it all: Nashville, Tennessee. There are but a few obstacles in her way. Fresh out of prison and mother of two, she is running out of chances to be the responsible parent that they deserve.

Jessie Buckley is Rose-Lynn Harlan, and we are lucky enough to get to hear her pipes a few times throughout the film. Buckley is fiery, uninhibited, messy and relentless in this role. Upon being relinquished from her 12 month stint in the cell while her mother, played by the sublime Julie Waters, cared for her children, Rose-Lynn is expected to step up to the plate and turn things around. She gets a day job as a cleaning lady for a supportive and easy-going family, but remains more focused than ever on realizing her dream of stardom.

Despite her ambition and enthusiasm, Rose-Lynn’s experiences as a singer are summarized in a couple performances per week at a local dive bar and couple more drinks to follow. Late nights and reckless behavior drive her mother away, and she is asked to take more responsibility for her children. During this time, she gets a real shot at Nashville, a possible record deal and is even thrown a fundraiser to help her get there, but she can’t escape the nagging realities of her circumstance.

“Wild Rose” is a film that follows the familiar tune of a delinquent-makes-good hit, but Buckley’s unique charm allows it to stand out ever so slightly. It grapples with the empathetic predicament of balancing stability and maturity with the promise of having a dream. Though, it fails to feel groundbreaking or magnanimous overall, it is worth watching for each affecting performance.


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