A Trip to the Moon (1902)


Food: While in Atlanta, Georgia over Christmas with the family, I got the opportunity to try SoHo Atlanta Restaurant. For my main dish, I got the Scottish Salmon, grilled, made Red Chile Roasted Napa Cabbage, Green Curry Risotto, and Coconut-Lobster Broth. Complete with an old fashioned to drink, it was a perfect. Refreshing and filling.

Film:  Georges Méliès, the director of this oft-referenced original film, was a French theater actor and stage magician. Unlocking the potential capabilities that film had as a medium to combine these two passions, he created “A Trip to the Moon” in 1902, where he innovated many cinematic techniques and gave us what is now seen as the first science fiction film ever made.

The film is short, roughly 15 minutes short, and was originally created in Black and White, but now can be seen in a refurbished colorized version. By superimposing multiple images on top of each other, he was able to create some never before seen special effects.

A group of astronomers work together to create a rocket that will launch to the Moon, an expedition that includes star women, referred to as Selenites (played by acrobats from Paris’s music hall called the Folies Bergére) and other unforeseen dangers on the mysterious, grimacing satellite. 

The film showcases magnificent landscapes which resemble elaborate production design, fit for the stage and a large, enthusiastic cast. “A Trip to the Moon” is a must-see for all film lovers, breaking barriers of its time and allowing humanity to dream up the potential that cinema had for fictional tales in allowing us to see what had yet to exist.

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